For the past few years, we have witnessed eye-opening generation results from AI foundation models such as GPT-3, and DALL-E2. These models have set up great infrastructures for new types of creative generation across various modalities such as language (e.g. story generation), images (e.g. text-to-image generation, fashion design), and audio (e.g. lyrics-to-music generation). Researchers in these fields encounter many similar challenges such as how to use AI to help professional creators, how to evaluate creativity for an AI system, how to boost the creativity of AI, how to avoid negative social impact, and so on. There have been various workshops that focus on some aspects of AI generation. This workshop aims to bridge researchers and practitioners from NLP, computer vision, music, ML, and other computational fields to create the 1st workshop on “Creative AI across Modalities”.

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to send the following relevant work, either archival or non-archival, in the AAAI-23 proceedings format:
  • Long paper: Submission of original work up to seven pages for contents and one page for references.
  • Short paper: Submission of work in progress with preliminary results, and position papers, up to four pages for contents and one page for references.
  • Topics including but not limited to:
    • Creative language generation: stories, poetry, figurative languages.
    • Generative model and algorithms for image/audio, and multi-modal/video generation.
    • Theory and analysis for creativity (e.g., humor understanding)
    • Detecting and quantifying creativity
    • Using AI to improve human creativity (e.g., HCI+ML studies to accelerate scientific novelty)
    • Data and resources for creative generation
    • Applications of creative AI generation, such as automatic video dubbing
    • Novel evaluation for creative AI generated outputs
    • Social, cultural, and ethical considerations of creative AI generations, such as racial/gender bias, trustworthiness
    A submission should take the form of a AAAI long or short paper in PDF format using the AAAI style. We will accept submissions of (1) papers that have not been previously published or accepted for publication in substantially similar form; (2) papers that have been published or accepted for publication in recent venues including journal, conference, workshop, and arXiv; and (3) research proposals for future work with a focus on well-defined concepts and ideas. All submissions will be reviewed with double blind policy.

    Open Review submissions website: https://openreview.net/group?id=AAAI.org/2023/Workshop/creativeAI

    Key Dates:

    • Submission deadline: Nov. 18, 2022 (11:59 p.m. Anywhere on Earth)
    • Notification to authors: Dec. 20, 2022 (11:59 p.m. Anywhere on Earth)
    • Workshop date: Feb. 13, 2023

    Accepted Papers (Camera Readies Coming Soon)